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Stock-piling firewood

geo duncan

Cooler weather on the horizon. Time to turn my attention to stock-piling firewood for the long, cold Alberta winter. The logs are leftover from the cord-wood studio construction. I actually made a living income several years ago supplying firewood to buyers in central/southern Alberta. I fell, bucked and split 85 cords,4x4x8 ft. birch. A lot of physical work but very enjoyable surrounded by the therapeutic environment that comes from being alone in the forest with nature. Through time & experience I've learned the burn times and heat output of various species of trees. When stock is low I burn spruce. If seasoned it burns hot & fast puts out good heat and clogs your chimney. Not a good night time heat source unless you want to get out of bed every hour to feed the fire. Birch is cleaning/long burning with good heat value. Apple is the best that I've had in all categories, a good sized log will last through the night... a rare find. Willow is great, burns hot, long lasting. Popular is clean burning, medium heat value, not a great overnight choice. Cottonwood, the supply that I found is some of the oldest in north America, 400-600 years old... a killer to split. sledge hammer pounding on a splitting axe. By far the toughest wood I've had to deal with. Burns long, clean, low heat value.  I'm presently burning tamarack, 2 cords gifted, delivered split & seasoned by a generous family member. It burns long, clean and provides good heat value. Also great for fence choice for fence posts.

 Newly built  cabins in the background waiting for their new homes.

sawing wood 002.jpg