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Art/off-Grid Living

geo duncan

For a long time I've wanted to combine my off-grid lifestyle with my art world in written form. To share with others who have an interest or passion for either one or both. Today is the day that it all comes together.

Where to start. Where I live. In Canada, Southern Alberta, In the heart of the Badlands near Drumheller world famous for it's Dinosaurs and much less famous for its medium security prison.

I came here with a load of salvaged lumber and a dream. The dream was to free myself from the burden of never ending rental costs, ever increasing utility bills, the watchful eyes in the neighborhood, the congestion of a city that had doubled in size over the last twenty years. As well I wanted to be closer to nature, to grow a garden, to smell the smoke from a wood burning fire on my clothes. And a place where my four legged friends could run free as nature intended.

More later, must return to the days work.. a combination of cabin building and garden chores.